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Gum Contouring​

Gum Contouring​

If you have large gums that make your teeth appear too short, gum recontouring can reshape the gum line to lengthen teeth and make your smile more attractive. Our Calgary dentists can sculpt excessive and uneven gums to reveal your true smile.

benefits of gum contouring

Patients who undergo gum contouring benefit from a more balanced gum line and more attractive teeth. Other benefits include:
  • Increased confidence
  • Fast recovery (generally a few days to a week for full recovery)
  • Better oral hygiene
  • Cost savings from more expensive cosmetic treatments
You may spend a lot of time caring for the health and appearance of your teeth, but your gums are just as crucial to the beauty of your smile. Ideally, your gums should be rosy pink and frame your teeth evenly. When excessive gum tissue is present, it can create an unbalance in your smile and cause your teeth to look smaller or shorter.
Fortunately, the gum recontouring services at Smile 32 Dentistry are a safe and easy way to address a “gummy smile” and achieve that beautifully balanced appearance you desire. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in realizing your smile design dreams.

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