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Early Treatment Orthodontics for Children
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Not every child needs early orthodontic treatment, but there are times when it is necessary to ensure permanent teeth come through properly. Early orthodontic treatment can reduce the risk of concerns such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and gaps. Early orthodontic treatment can begin as early as seven years of age.

Types of Orthodontics:

  • Preventive Orthodontic – treatment provides enough time to correct problems such as jaw widening and the other issues that arise during early development. 
  • Interceptive orthodontics – is the guidance of teeth eruption and correction of malocclusion (abnormal bite) by early intervention to improve future outcome(s).

Signs of orthodontic problems, including:

  • Overcrowded or Crooked Teeth
  • Difficulty chewing or biting 
  • Mouth breathing
  • Finger or Thumb sucking or other habits 
  • Issue chewing 
  • A jaw that shifts make sounds protrudes or is recessed
  • Speech difficulty 
  • Teeth that don’t meet normally or at all 
  • Facial imbalance or asymmetry

The treatment process of early orthodontic:

  • Diagnose – we will realize the first diagnosis during the first visit with the help of x-rays and the dental impression to know if a treatment is required.
  • Fitting the dental appliance – the treatment starts with the Calgary orthodontist fitting the dental appliance.
  • Monthly visits – the visit is usually scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks and will last for 6 to 9 months, depending on the type of malocclusion diagnosed.

Benefits of early treatment Orthodontic 

Early orthodontic treatment may prevent serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later stage shorter and less complicated. Procedure includes:

  • Create room for crowded erupting teeth. Preventive orthodontic treatment provides enough time to correct problems such as jaw widening and other issues that arise during early development.
  • Correct a misaligned bite, so it doesn’t lead to decay, gum disease, accidental chipping, uneven tooth wear, or speech impediments.
  • Guide permanent teeth into a more favourable position 
  • Regaining spaces where baby teeth were lost/ extracted, and the adjacent teeth have drifted into the sites.
  • Stopping thumb and pacifier habits
  • Improve the way lips meet 
  • Guise jaw growth to create a facial symmetry

It’s never too early to keep an eye on your child’s oral development. Interceptive orthodontic treatment can prevent more extensive treatment later. Regular dental examinations check the progress of your child’s bite and jaw development. This early assessment of your child’s teeth may prevent extensive orthodontic work in the future. Call us at 403-249-0382 for Shaganappi Plaza or 403-278-4322 for Southland Tower to book an appointment.


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