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Eight Reasons Why Dental Exams Are So Important


Many people wonder why they should go to the dentist. The truth is that if you don’t have regular dental exams and cleanings, your oral and overall health will suffer. Regular dental visits at Smile 32 Dentistry help to reduce your chance of developing gum disease and cavity prevention. At our family dental care, we think that you should visit our dentist in the Calgary office at least twice a year to maintain your dental health.

What happens during a dental examination?

We evaluate your neck, face, lower jaw, and lymph nodes during a dental exam at Smile 32 Dentistry. The rest of your dental examination will consist of:

  • Keeping an eye out for indicators of gum disease
  • Examining any teeth that are chipped, cracked, fractured, or loose
  • Examining your bite
  • Looking for indications of oral cancer on the inside of the mouth
  • Examining previous fillings for damage
  • X-raying your teeth

Why are dental exams necessary?

There are numerous advantages to having a dental exam once a year, including:

  • Early treatment of gum disease – Plaque and tartar buildup can have disastrous consequences for the teeth and gums. If caught early enough, gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease, can be reversed.
  • Early detection of oral cancer – Oral cancer can be treated if caught early. Our dental team is trained to look for indicators of oral cancer, which includes looking inside the mouth with a special light for dead tissue caused by tumors.
  • Taking care of minor oral health issues quickly – A cavity can be addressed while it is still a little hole – before it takes over your entire tooth and necessitates a dental crown.
  • Rectifying teeth clenching or grinding – Bruxism, or teeth clenching or grinding, can contribute to tooth deterioration and changes in your bite. Custom night guards are available for bruxism therapy to protect your teeth while you sleep.
  • Detecting other health issues – Our Calgary dentist can detect severe health issues like swollen lymph nodes during a dental exam. We can then refer you to your primary care physician for further treatment.
  • Teaching basic oral hygiene techniques – An important aspect of your at-home dental practice is brushing and flossing correctly. You are not helping to preserve your oral health if you do not fully eliminate plaque from your teeth. Our hygienists can advise you on the best oral hygiene practices.
  • Examining your jaw or bite for abnormalities – TMJ therapy can help with TMJ dysfunction, which can lead to chronic headaches and ear pain if left untreated. To relieve your pain, we may recommend night guards, cortisone injections, bite modification, or orthodontics.
  • Keeping your teeth and gums clean – As part of an annual exam, a patient will receive a dental cleaning, which will reveal any hygiene issues. Regular tooth cleanings are especially crucial for children because this is when their oral hygiene habits develop and we may discover irregularities early.

We encourage our Calgary patients to schedule routine dental checkups every six months at Smile 32 Dentistry. This enables our dental experts to detect and treat oral health issues early on, before they become more serious. Untreated oral health problems can have a negative impact on your overall health. While it may not seem urgent to miss a dental appointment, oral health issues such as periodontal disease can develop and spread quickly. Call us at 403-249-0382 for Shaganappi Plaza or 403-278-4322 for Southland Tower.


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