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General & Family Care

General & Family Care

Check-Ups and Cleanings

Expert Teeth Cleaning in SW, Calgary for the Entire Family

One of the most important steps toward maintaining excellent oral health is to have regular dental check-ups and thorough teeth cleanings. Our practice offers comprehensive oral exams and routine dental cleanings, as well as deep cleanings and fluoride treatments when necessary. Our goal is to identify any potential problems as early as possible and help keep your teeth and gums fresh and healthy.

Your 5-Star Dental Exam at Smile 32 Dentistry

Once your teeth have been cleaned and polished, our Calgary dentist will perform a thorough dental exam to ensure that you go home free of any underlying dental concerns. As part of your initial exam, we will take pictures of your oral structures using digital radiography techniques, or “digital x-rays.” This is a more precise and convenient way to take a look at your teeth and gums and isolate potential irregularities.

If you would like more information on our general and family dental care options, or if you would like to schedule a check-up and cleaning, please contact Smile 32 Dentistry today.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our office is not only dedicated to your smile, we’re also dedicated to your overall wellness. We take a holistic approach to your dental care, which includes an oral cancer screening as a part of your regular exam.
Detecting oral cancer in its early stages can dramatically increase your chances for successful treatment. During each dental examination, you will receive a thorough oral cancer screening aimed at identifying areas of concern. Using modern technology, our team can recognize even slight changes in soft tissue cells that indicate the presence of precancerous lesions.

Night Guards / Sports Guards

Grinding or clenching your teeth is a common problem during sleep. Fortunately, night guards can offer protection against damaging the teeth from consistent grinding. Although night guards won’t prevent the actual clenching or grinding of the teeth, they can go a long way in reducing the wear and tear that can result from it.
For patients who play sports or take part in other physical activities, our dentist in Calgary recommends wearing a mouth guard to prevent injury in the form of tooth trauma. We offer custom-made mouth guards to be worn during these events to help protect the teeth from trauma.

Family Dental Care

Your Trusted Family Dentist in Calgary

We welcome patients of all ages to our practice, and we focus on providing exceptional pediatric care in addition to our treatments geared towards older patients. We offer a wide range of dental procedures designed to prevent future problems as well as take care of issues that may have arisen with your child’s teeth or gums. Our Calgary dentists do everything they can to make our younger patients feel as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible. From dental sealants to fillings to fluoride treatments and other effective procedures, Smile 32 Dentistry hopes to keep every member of your family smiling with healthy teeth and gums for years to come!
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