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How to Keep Invisalign Retainers Clean and Bacteria Free?
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Numerous users say orthodontics treatment is way better and more comfortable than traditional metal braces. But, like other appliances, one requires complete care and maintenance of the Invisalign retainers to keep them on point. Otherwise, the trays can become the perfect ground for bacteria to grow.

If one keeps wearing the aligners every day without cleaning, they may get smelly, discoloured, dull and dirty, and harmful to their health. Read this guide and find the simple ways to clean Invisalign. 

How to Keep Invisalign Retainers Clean and Bacteria-Free?

Invisalign retainer cleaning is a straightforward process that can only take a few minutes. However, it’s essential to do daily cleaning to keep the retainers bacteria-free. The best recommended time to clean the Invisalign retainer is when one brushes their teeth. Similarly, cleaning can be done using a non-abrasive and soft toothbrush or retainer brush. Follow the following beneficial tips for cleaning Invisalign retainers and saving them from bacterial buildup.

  • Using unscented and antibacterial soap to clean the aligners is the best practice. Also, one can opt for specialized Invisalign cleaners from the market and use them ideally to clean the aligners. However, quality soap can also do the job for you. 
  • It’s best to rinse and clean the aligners when brushing your teeth. Doing this can help remove plaque and bacteria. Also, it prevents bad breath. 
  • Rinsing the aligners in warm water when removed is also an ideal way to maintain the retainers. So that before wearing them again, one gets cleaned and fresh aligners. Additionally, rinsing in warm water can prevent bacterial buildup and keep them clean. 
  • The oral hygiene regimen is also essential to clean the aligners. If your teeth are not cleaned, you may be unable to keep aligners on point and pleasant. Similarly, brushing teeth is essential to avoid cavities and plaque buildup. Hence, brushing twice a day is valuable, and the results multiply when one brushes after every meal and uses mouthwash frequently. 
  • Soaking the aligners twice a week in an Invisalign retainer solution can keep the aligner’s appearance on point. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Aligners?

Cleaning aligners on a nightly basis is the best practice because people usually brush and floss their teeth before bed. It prevents the trays from debris, food, and plaque buildup and saves aligners from bacterial breeding.

If the aligners start looking dirty and dull, it is time to start a cleanup process. It can get dirty quickly when one eats while wearing the aligners and drink some coloured beverage. Wearing the aligners right after eating can also make the aligners dirty; it’s best to brush your teeth and wear aligners after that. 

Every time you remove the aligners, try rinsing them in lukewarm water to prevent them from bad breath. If one owns multiple aligners and changes them every week, it is still essential for one to clean the aligners frequently and wear them. 

Not following the proper cleaning routine of the aligners can make your aligners nondurable and discoloured in less time. Also, this can cause aligners to produce bad breath and become the ground for bacteria to grow. 

The Invisalign Cleaning Products And Techniques To Avoid

Harsh chemical-related products are always harmful to retainers; avoiding such consequences is crucial. Not only for the aligners, but these chemical products are also dangerous for users’ oral health. In addition, users need to avoid using the following products when cleaning the aligners. 

  • Abrasive toothpaste that contains whitening agents can damage the aligners.
  • Denture cleaners are also not recommended to use for cleaning aligners.
  • Coloured mouthwash can leave stains on the clear aligners and affect their appearance.
  • Avoid using products that consist of alcohol and bleach.
  • Soaking or rinsing aligners in extra hot water can also ruin the aligners.

Therefore, keeping Invisalign retainers clean is essential for your health throughout the treatment. If you face difficulty cleaning the retainers, drop your queries in the comment section below; we will try to minimize your hassles. 

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